elexxion pico

 The claros pico permits navigation through a wide range of scientifically acknowledged treatment modalities with only 5 buttons. Applications in Endodontics and Periodontics.










       elexxion nano


 Efficient performance – gentle cutting action – innovative design. That’s what modern diode lasers are all about.  The elexxion claros nano is based on the use of superior DPL  technology, which opens the way to dozens of soft tissue applications. Painless, efficient and gentle.

 The combination of high output power and extremely short pulses makes it possible to achieve exceptional cutting speed and precision. The patented pulse technology also prevents virtually all tissue carbonization and as a result shortens recovery time.

The wavelength of 810 nm ensures outstanding results in terms of coagulation.













   elexxion claros 


 The elexxion claros® is an exceptionally innovative dental laser with a performance profile that puts it at the top of its class. The ergonomic design of this robust standalone model makes it the choice of preference for intensive everyday use. At the same time, this diode laser makes draws that attention of patients to the advanced technology employed for treatment.

 With an application output of up to 50 Watt, claros ® permits extremely high cutting speeds. The repetition rate of up to 20,000 Hz virtually excludes the possibility of tissue carbonization. The claros® is a high-performance diode laser that features low penetration depth and is therefore extremely gentle to tissue.



   elexxion duros

 With up to 8 Watts of output power and a repetition rate that can be varied up to 20 Hz, this Er:YAG laser is one of the most powerful dental laser on the market.

 The elexxion duros is a new Er:YAG laser with up to 8 Watts of output power and a variable repetition rate of up to 20 Hz. The typical characteristics of this laser system (2,940 nm) combine with innovative elexxion technology to permit amazing results when procedures involve hard tissue.

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