Titan 6 Syringe Variety Pack
1 x 1.5 gram syringe selected ffrom the following shades :
A1  A2  A3  A3.5  A4  B1 OW (opaque white), TR (translucent)  with 25 x 20 gauge flow thru dispensing tips
Titan Flowthru® Tip Refill Box
1 – 100 piece box of 20 gauge Flowthru® tips

Low-shrink, light-cure composite with nanofiller technology

Exquisite restoration nanofil Composite 4gram syringe

Injectafil® Dual Cure Composite

Speed, versatility and exceptional Performance...all in one


Injectafil® Kit
1 x 10 gram dual barreled syringe 1 x extrusion handle 8 x  mixing tips with intraoral tips. 
Injectafil® Syringe Refill
1 x 10 gram dual barreled syringe 8 x mixing tips with intraoral tips
Injectafil® Refill Tips
Bag of 50 mixing tips with intraoral tips 
Injectafil® Extrusion Handle
1 x extrusion handle 

Seamfree Composite Wetting Resin & Lubricant

Seamfree is a wetting resin that has been designed to make the delivery of composite materials easier and more consistent by eliminating the tackiness that makes manipulation difficult


Seamfree Bulk Bottle Kit

1 x 3ml bottle, 1 x single cavity well, and 25 applicators 
Seamfree Syringe Kit
1 x 1.5ml syinge with 10 applicator tips 
Seamfree Syringe Applicator Tip Refill
Bag of 50 applicator tips 



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